This Town is Out to GET ME…and other Lunch Time Ramblings

February 8, 2011 at 11:01 am (Entertainment, Food, Humor, Random) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Funny thing happened at lunch the other day – I’ve tweeted about it and even perhaps based a Facebook status on this subject…but it’s so hard to elaborate in 140 characters or less. Here’s the long version:

Our office recently moved to a city that I’ve never spent that much time in – approximately 45 minutes AS THE xB FLIES – and I ventured out to lunch a couple weeks ago. The thing is, the morning before this fateful lunch hour, I had gotten to work earlier than anticipated and decided to go on a drive around the new ‘hood to check out the lay of the land. Where are all the hot spots for lunch? Gas stations? The banks…yadda-yadda-bleh. So I do that and head into work.

The next day I decided to go hit up one of the places I found for lunch. I found a sign down a semi-residential street that appeared to give the illusion of a back entrance – SUH-WEET! So I head down the street that this secret driveway dumped onto in search of the hidden entrance…huh…sure seems like I should have found it by now, eh? Hmmm…keep driving a little more – I’m sure it’ll pop up soon, if not I’ll take the first left I can and head off to the main road and find it that way. Seems simple enough, right? Suuuuuure…you would say that…

Next street that popped up was a 4 way stop. I turned left. I’m driving along and notice that there’s a car that just took a really tight right turn onto the road I was traveling on and then they kinda moved to the left a little so that we wouldn’t crash. I’m all, “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING MORON!!!!!”…only…turns out IIIIIIIIII was the MORON in this situation because about 3 blocks back, when I turned left? I had just turned onto a ONE WAY STREET – GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!! HOLY SHIT! So the next possible driveway I could turn into was a Grocery Store parking lot – thank GAWD! As I turned in someone was kind enough to be coming out of the driveway I was driving INTO and they kindly honked their horn as though to say, “Excuse me ma’am…you were just going the wrong way down a one-way street…were you aware of that?”…I’m sure the look on my face was saying everything my mouth couldn’t at the time. Something like, “FUCK YEAH! I JUST FIGURED THAT SHIT OUT, MAN!!!!” And then I almost had a heart attack. Luckily there was only that one car who kinda just simply got outta my way, but I’ve been down that road a time or two – GOING THE RIGHT WAY – and I can tell you that God must have been my co-pilot that day because there’s normally lots-o-traffic on that stupid street!

Funny thing, that same day – I hit the Taco Time after I had calmed myself down and went through the drive-thru for one of their DELICIOUS TOSTADO SALADS – of the BEEF variety – when as I was exiting the drive through I was almost clobbered by a car backing out of their parking space and almost got smooshed in my new car!!!! I think I was just happy to make it home that day in one piece! It was a miracle.

SO that takes me to today’s lunch adventure – again – two weeks later, headed to Taco Time for another delicious TOSTADO SALAD – of the BEEF variety – and as I exited their parking lot, waiting for my turn to get onto the one-way street (headed in the correct direction) I noticed their driveway entrance was designed by someone from ENGLAND because they had the driveway spill out onto the street and for the people entering this fine fast food establishment from the street, they were to enter on the LEFT SIDE of the driveway entrance and those DEPARTING were to be leaving via the RIGHT SIDE of the entrance…which is COMPLETELY ASS BACKWARDS. So I was second in line and not expecting the “lead car” to veer to the right…and so I was basically taking up ALLLL the space for any incoming cars to enter the parking lot. Here’s my BEEF – pun intended – WTF, man!!!! No matter what kind of street your place is situated on, aren’t you supposed to follow even the most BASIC driving patterns? Let me illustrate, okay????

This is how it SHOULD BE:

_____________|   v           ^   |________________

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>one way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This is the way it IS:

_____________| ^              v  |________________

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>one way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lame, right? I mean…the way it IS, obviously would block traffic, since along those long lines is parking and also an aisle for the drive-thru customers to drive to exit the drive-thru!!!! It’s SIMPLE, really…even my 9 year old would design it as the way I illustrated it in the “SHOULD BE” picture…

So I think that this town is going to give me lots of material for my blog the more I venture out. Stay tuned. I really hope the illustrations show properly when I publish this post. We’ll see I guess.

Thanks for stopping by! Love, Carm

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