Inappropriate Language around Kids (HA!)

September 23, 2010 at 12:08 pm (Entertainment, Humor, Kids, Music, Random) (, , , , , , , , , )

So we’re out together as a family unit the other night at one of our fave wood fired pizza joints – in TACOMA WA of all places…no, no, we don’t live anywhere cool like Chicago, or NEW YORK! TACOMA, people.

So we’re there, it’s a place called “The Rock – Wood Fired Pizza” and their theme is like rock music, they have concert lighting and lots of brick and in fact, they had a stencil of Jimi Hendrix on the wall spray painted with black spray paint…it’s totally rad there. LOVE IT!

We were greeted and sat in a booth almost immediately…it was around 7:45pm – we had gotten a late start due to kiddo #1’s Volleyball game. Beverage order was taken, garlic cheese bread was ordered and there we sat. Some pretty good tunes play in this restaurant and Journey comes on. It was awesome. My kids have been completely exposed to all genres of music, it’s part of the master plan. You see, my daughter sings like CRAZY and well, we want her to be able to help us when we turn into old geezers so we expose her to TONS of music. Country, Rock, 80’s, 90’s, 60’s, 70’s…you get the picture. She LOVES it! And our littlest daughter who is 9? She loves – get this – ABBA and The Beatles!!!!! How awesome are we as parents??? You’d think she’d be all over Justin Beiber or something…NOPE!!! NOT A FREAKIN CHANCE! And for that? I think I love her a little MORE.

Journey hits the airwaves…

When the lights…go down…in the city…and the moon shines on…the bay…do I want to be THEEEYAYAYARE¬† in your CITAAAAAY….ooooooooh whooooaaaa whoooaaa..

Let me tell you…we had a band seated behind us, and about 4 other tables in there singing that song! HILARIOUS/AWESOME! I don’t think I’ve ever had a “My Best Friends Wedding” moment like that before. And being a musical family, we were totally DIGGING IT!

Okay…I mentioned that we had a band seated directly behind us, right? Well there were 5 dudes. And when they weren’t singing with the restaurant music, they were BS-ing like dudes do. Next thing you know…my 9 year old was all…”Someone should really tell those guys that using that inappropriate language isn’t nice around small children.” I almost shot Pepsi out of my nose! First of all…how many 9 year olds to you know that use the word “inappropriate”? And second of all…this was my response:

  • Me: I’ll give you $20 if you get up and go over there and say that.
  • Her: noooooo, mom. That’s embarrassing!
  • Me: I’ll give you permission to cuss this one time…I want you to walk over there and say “Listen up bitches, there are little damn kids in here. What the hell are you doing cussing like that so that all these kids can hear you?”
  • Her: *complete giggle fit*
  • Me: Seriously…I’ll give you $20 and permission to cuss.
  • Her: *continuing giggle fit*
  • Her older sister: I’ll do it!!!!!
  • Me: No deal. It’s gotta be the little blondie-blue-eyed kid.

So neither of them did it, but that would have been EFFING HILARIOUS!


  1. dongtacular said,

    That would have been funny, plus, I bet it would have put those guys in their place! Although I accidentally swear in front of kids all the time, mostly when drunk.

    • Carm said,

      We watched Soprano’s one time and the little one wandered in when she was 4 and said, “Daddy? Why does he say ‘Fuckin’ so much?” TRUTH! We a.) almost peed our pants while trying not to smile and laughing on the inside…which I highly advise against because you could and undoubtedly WILL implode and b.) had to explain that grown-ups are allowed to say certain words that little girls and boys aren’t supposed to say.

      Thanks for popping in. Nice to have someone comment for a change. It’s a constant struggle…what with the getting hits and no comments and all. :o) Hope to see you around soon!

      • dongtacular said,

        I never thought a four-year-old would understand the Soprano’s, but it sounds like she has a good grasp of it; unrelentless profanity.

        I’m kind of in the same boat with comments, I get the views, but only very rarely does anyone say anything. Any feedback is good feedback!

  2. MOM said,

    I would have loved to see her put those knuckleheads in their place! They would have been mortified. My hub watches the Soprano’s and Sons of Anarchy and the little kids sneak in and of course he doesn’t even notice them he is so absorbed! All of a sudden something nuts will happen and the giggles fly across the room. All of a sudden he lunges for the remote to avoid an 11 year old from seeing the nude parts! Come to think of it…he lunges quicker when its the girl then the boy! Hmmmm.

    As for the use of inappropriate! I love it! My lady Lauren loves that word and throws it around all the time. I think it’s littlest syndrome. They tend to take after their Moms!

    Love ya!

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