Everything about CARM

Hi ya’ll! I’m Carm. I’ve had a BLOG @ PNN.com for a few years…it seems that PNN is losing steam so I ventured out to see what else the BLOGSPHERE could offer me, which landed me here on WordPress. While at PNN, I forged some pretty incredible relationships with many of the bloggers there. Many of which I have “friended” on Facebook, Twitter and have even met up with a few of them when they venture out into my neck of the Pacific Northwest.

Something I enjoy getting across in my BLOGS is my sarcasm and sense of humor. Many times you’ll see that I will capitalize a word, or use “…” to keep a thought going but to force you to pause when you read my writings. I certainly almost NEVER take myself seriously. Although “seriously” is a word that I like to use a lot, only I mean it more of an exasperated statement…

I’m a mother and wife and homeowner. Just because I am all of those things, doesn’t mean I know squat about it. Although I enjoy writing about it, so…whatevs. I do not consider myself a “writer”. This BLOG thing isn’t to be taken too seriously…however, satire is something I completely appreciate and if someone paid me, oh, let’s see…ONE MILLION DOLLARS…I’d totally do it for reals.

I have a dog. Sierra the Wonderdog. I tried to kill her once…INADVERTENTLY! Yeesh…I’m not a monster! She happened to eat a latex glove that I used once…and apparently, they don’t digest. It tumbled in her belly for what the vet thought were MONTHS, until one day, she puked all over the kitchen floor…like 16 puddles of puke. Whisked her off to the vet and $5k later – she was spleenless, gloveless and GOOD AS NEW! It was close.

So let’s see…I’ll probably share photo’s every now and then so that you can get to know the woman behind the BLOG and her subjects…I have a dark side. I can get a bit depressed, but it doesn’t happen too often as I like to keep my feelings shoved into the deepest caverns of my psyche, so I overcompensate with CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! But just so you know, when the mood strikes, I’ll let you in on some of my sadness.

*shifting gears*

I enjoy COMMENTS! Please leave one if you read my stuff. I’m a good friend to have. I promise to read YOUR blogs and comment on YOURS…so you know…hook a sister up, will ya?

I’ve wasted enough of your time. Thanks for popping by. Thanks for reading. I look forward to getting a little family unit going here at WordPress, and would be honored if you’d join me.

I love you…I really do…you can ask ANYONE! ~ Love, Carm

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