Once we lived on a farm…weird.

October 14, 2010 at 2:36 pm (Uncategorized)

About 8 years ago, my hubby and I had made the decision to finally buy a home. We had the two kiddo’s, the dog, the mini-van…the OBVIOUS next step is a house, right??

As it turns out hubby’s parents – his DAD specifically – have lived on their land for a few generations…in fact, hubby’s grandpa built the house when he came over here on a boat and landed in the US. His whole family prides themselves for being “Dumb Swedes”…while MY family prides itself for being Choctaw Indian.

So the grandpa of my hubby built the house that hubby’s dad grew up in and eventually, the one my hubby grew up in as well. We were actually offered the house to purchase, but this didn’t work out –  big long drawn out story about a contractor pushing around a bunch of old people who have lived off the land and offered the old folks some money for the place, it was more than they could have imagined, but not as much as the 2 acres was WORTH, and subsequently…the parents made the decision to sell to the contractor instead of us. I’m kinda bitter about it, because it was practically a done deal before this smooth talkin asshole wormed his way in and they didn’t ask any of their children for advice…


We lived in the farmhouse for about 9 months because they moved into a retirement community and the house wasn’t going to be occupied, so we were allowed to stay there rent free.

After about three months of living there, the in-laws popped over and to our dismay, they came into the house and said, “Guess you forgot to feed the chickens in the barn, eh?”

YOU GUYS!!!!! We didn’t feed the damn chickens for like, THREE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

Holy Jesus I’m going to hell for forgetting the chickens!


  1. MOM said,

    Carm I have to ask…did the chickens die? Wow…shame you couldn’t have lived on the farm forever. makes me mad when dirty contractors take advantage of old folks.

    • Carm said,

      YES!!!! Killed em. Dude…if I was a chicken and lived in a farm and nobody came out to feed me or give me water…DUDE! I’d be CLUCKIN’ IT UP!!!!!! Didn’t hear a PEEP! Totally forgot they were down there! Shoooot…I’m going to hell, right?

  2. Kimberly said,

    Funny gal you are. 🙂

    • Carm said,

      Aw shucks Kimberly………ha!

  3. laurieboris said,

    Love you, Carm. 🙂

    • Carm said,

      Back atcha toots! I still have a hard time believing that we killed them. Does it help our case at all that the barn was quite a ways away from the house???? Probably not. Didn’t think so.

  4. jody said,

    When my niece was three years old she looked up at us at the dinner table one night and said very solemnly, “we like chickens but we eat them.”

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